Kick Start 2018

Open to Junior members who can sail a triangular course confidently.

A three day programme consists of 1 X 2.5 or 3 hour sessions each day with multiple groups split by experience, Kickstart is ideal for those who would like to build confidence and refresh their skills after a long winter break. Please book your child in to the same level group that they attended for cadet week 2017 (unless they have done further training since cadet week).

We are running 2x Kickstart courses this summer. The first one is in the Easter Holidays and is for experienced junior club racers only.  The second kickstart runs at the end of May and is suitable for all Junior members who hold at least a stage 2 or can sail around a triangular course.

Sea groups are designed to cater for these new to the sea sailing and those wishing to d

Kickstart Sea Racers (Toppers) – Easter Holidays 

Monday 9th April          1130-1430

Tuesday 10th April       1315-1615

Wednesday 11th April   1430-1730

Develop their sea racing expertise. Each group will be lead by one of our instructors.

Kickstart  – Whitsun Holidays

Mon 28th, Tues 29th and Wed 30th May

Lake groups:

Bronze Topper and Oppie groups 0900-1200 each day

Silver and Gold Topper and Oppie groups 1300-1600 each day

Sea Groups:

Mon 1700-1930, Tues 1730-2000, Wed 1800-2030

New to Sea  – Toppers

Sea Racers  – double handers (Fevas and 2000)

£45.00 per child – Boats available to hire for £25.00 for the three sessions

Entry is open to all members, please ensure your have renewed/paid your membership,
Download form and send it to James to book your place

Course Booking Form